About us

Dork Mart was founded  in 2016 in the heart of Orlando, FL and was formed for friends by a friend. This company was formed to give access to a better front  so that these incredibly talented artists would have an outlet to get their art out into the world. The love and passion for the talents of our community is what drove me to do what I do. After many years in the marketing and customer service world, I decided to take my talents and help out those I respect and love within my community, the fellowship and brotherhood we have created. I've only wanted to give back to a community that gave me so much when I was at my lowest. It was through the power and love for art that I was able to come back stronger than ever, and many of those talents would agree it helped them deal with their own situations. We all strive to deliver the best and highest quality product you can acquire.


Head Honcho  - Warren "The Dork" Almodovar  (Owner of The Sticker Dork)