About us

Dork Mart was founded  in 2016 in the heart of Orlando, FL and was formed for friends by a friend. My name is Warren Almodovar and I am known as The Sticker Dork. We are based out of sunny Orlando, FL. After working for the federal government for 10 years, I was retired due to having severe anxiety and panic disorder with PTSD. I found myself jobless and in need to provide for my family while dealing with my situation. I took to the one thing I loved, my dorkiness and nerdiness and drew inspiration to create a business out of my passions. I had dabbled in digital art throughout the years. With a strong will to survive and a passion for the journey that was to come, I embarked on this adventure with the help of a friend. Like all vinyl vendors, I started adding to my collection using Google as I learned my craft and tool of choice, Adobe Illustrator. As time went on I noticed EVERYONE had the same designs and didn't bring anything new to the table. There were a lot of requests for many character that I myself enjoyed and no one provided. I took a giant leap and decided to make my own designs from now on, phasing out all the "generic" crap that was flooding the market. If you've ever been to a convention you may have noticed what we refer to as the "Great Wall of China" generic chinese decals. I wanted more. I wanted to provide so much more. I wanted to break the stigma of the vinyl decal artist and vendor. If anything, I wanted to be the first artist to be known for their work using something that has always been frowned upon such as vinyl. It has been a tough, but incredible journey. I hope that you can look at my hard work and one day be inspired to make it on your own. We work with many companies local to Central Florida and hope to be able to work with you some day. Take a look around and grab something amazing. Welcome to the Dork Army.


Head Honcho  - Warren "The Dork" Almodovar  (Owner of The Sticker Dork)